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  • How to: Configure a higher education program shell

    Go straight to the guide. What are program shells? Program shells are used across the University to provide a space within Canvas for program managers, teaching teams and students to ... Read More

  • Cleaning, Maintaining and Organising files in a Canvas Shell

    It has been more than 2 years since RMIT adopted Canvas and its learning management system; and it can be said that almost every course taught across the university currently has a presence in Canvas. Although the last 24 months have been dominated by the adoption of the 14 elements and ensuring that all courses meet the criteria set out by RMIT Studios, little thought has been given to how teachers can maintain, organise and clean their Canvas shell.

  • Blogs and Canvas

    We have a session coming up on blogs and Canvas, and this post is the resource to accompany that session. This session will likely be repeated each month, depending on ... Read More

  • Improving the visual layout of Canvas

    Many people at RMIT comment on the “improved look and feel” of Canvas over its predecessor Blackboard. Some people have requested more advice on the ways to improve the visual ... Read More

  • Your Canvas Help Flowchart is here!

    There are different places where you can get help with Canvas; however, identifying the most appropriate one can sometimes be tricky.  To assist you in finding the right help point, the ... Read More