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  • by Tom Rankin
    The WordPress White Screen of Death (WSoD) is arguably one of the most infuriating errors on the platform. Getting no indication of what has happened means you have to put in the work to find a fix. The error is also one that can cause some panic and anxiety. While you have the error, your […]
  • by John Hughes
    WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that lets you install plugins, themes, and various types of media. However, when you install WordPress using your preferred web host, the default settings will put limits on the size of what you can upload. So, you may wonder how you can modify WordPress to increase upload […]
  • by Adelina Tuca
    The special occasion is that the lead organizers of WordCamp Europe 2024 recently announced the teams that will help make next year’s event happen. This news made us curious about what’s behind the scenes in organizing such a big event.
  • by Karol K
    Black Friday (2023) is this rare, once-a-year opportunity to take advantage of some sweet discounts and grab yourself something nice for a fraction of the price. Or, in this case, grab your website something nice. After all, it’s WordPress Black Friday deals that we’re all about here!
  • by John Hughes
    One of the great things about WordPress is that it lets you collaborate with other users on the back end of your site. You can assign different user roles based on tasks and responsibilities. However, if you’re new to the system, you might wonder what WordPress user permissions come with each role. In this post, […]