Jacquard weave - Fancy weave - Cotton, Polyamide, Wool - cream and black

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Technical Specifications:

Swatch Number: 77


Fabric Construction: Jacquard weave

Fibre Composition: Cotton, Polyamide, Wool

Other Fabric Details: Jacquard in a geometric pattern

Common Name: Jacquard


  • Fancy weave


washed and streamed

Yarn: warp yarns: 1 end monofilament polyamide yarn (cream). Weft yarns: 2 yarns, a) 1 end staple spun cotton yarn (cream), b) 1 end staple spun wool yarn (Black).

Dye Method: Yarn dyed

GSM: 270 gsm

Location: 512-01-20

Microscopic View