Single Jersey - Weft knit - 100% Acrylic - yellow, blue, and cream

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Technical Specifications:

Swatch Number: 16


Fabric Construction: Single Jersey

Fibre Composition: 100% Acrylic

Other Fabric Details: Float stitch diamond pattern

Common Name: Jersey – spaced guage


  • Weft knit


washed and streamed

Yarn: 2 yarns in alternating courses. Yarn (A) - cream colour - 1 end 2/30s NM, staple spun yarn; Yarn (B) - multi coloured - fancy wrap yarn created with 4 ends – 2 blue monofilaments, 1 yellow high twist monofilament creating snarl effect, and 1 cream monofilament.

Dye Method: Solution dyed yarns


Location: 512-01-20

Microscopic View