Image shows a model in a facemask wearing a dress made from repurposed clothing photographed from three angles with the three views arranged around a pile of discarded clothing.

Women in future

Zhenzhen Hong

by Tina (Zhenzhen) Hong

Image 1: Experimental photoshoot
Image 2: Prototype display at all angles
Video 1: important instructions on how to use the garment
Image 3: Inspiration collage page
Image 5: Detail of front

Project statement

For a long time, I was attracted to the various utility uniforms I’d see on the streets (construction workers, police officers…) and I’d admire they are designed for pure functionality and how ythey evolved into a unique aesthetic on their own. Also I have a deep love for futurism, cyber-punk and a technology infused aesthetic. Designer Junya Watanabe and KD Yoon, who reworks sportswear into garments and furniture, has been a key inspiration for me. I am challenging myself to work within a the limitations of a simple material palette by producing a full garment out of various polyesters from second hand clothing donations. Polyester is often viewed as a cheap and low quality material and I want to reverse this preconception by producing wearable garment by considering the state of the garment after its being made. I think this is extremely important for people to view polyester and reworking as positively and consider it a sustainable option. I am combining the methods of deconstruction and up-cycling with various joining methods to produce a garment that will hold long term value for me. Overall, I am taking a very contemporary approach in both design and concept by balancing the functionality and aesthetics using sustainable practices.