Millie Jerman

Millie Jerman

53cm x 74cm
Repurposed cotton calico, Shibori, patchwork, hand stitched with embroidery floss.

Say hello to the new and the old, progression and adaptability, tactility and the environment.

Cloth and paper creations celebrate moments in time. Natural rhythms, environmental fluidity and organic textures are explored through indigo resist dyeing, patchwork, hand stitching, collage and painting. Works exist as intuitive expressions, direct depictions of immersive creating.

Techniques and materiality take inspiration from historic Japanese textile practices Shibori, Boro and Sashiko. These repair and mend techniques bring prospects of further purpose to once waste materials. Colour is informed by the available materials, blues of indigo dye and chance. Repurposed cotton and thread are given a new life.