Transparent Bonds

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A collection of pieces exploring the materiality of various household waste items.

Transparent Bonds references environmentalism and consumerism by drawing attention to the volume of waste that moves through our homes. Focussing on waste plastic, paper and foil, this collection aims to find beauty in discarded materials through traditional textile techniques and the application of heat. The use of handwork in the creation of these pieces forces a slower approach, creating a tension with the throwaway nature of the materials. The constant churn of packaged items through our homes is addressed and, with it, the squandered opportunities inherent in the rush with which we live our lives.

These pieces combine paper, plastic, hair and foil waste with bubble wrap through a process of heat bonding. This lightweight, transparent plastic material combines with discarded packaging and is knitted, woven, and used for embellishment, appliqué and as a support for embroidery. Readily available, seemingly worthless, materials are made valuable through handwork techniques, providing a contrast to their apparent disposability. They anticipate a future where beauty and luxury are created from readily-available materials, made precious through handwork.   

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Project Diary: Transparent Bonds, Suzanne Carter 2020

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