Sang Thai

Aviva Gandler

For Spring / Summer 2021, Arnsdorf is inspired by concepts of joy. This collection adopts the idea that joy is a balance between play and restraint. Rather than provide the consumer with short-term pleasure, ‘Timeless Joy’ is about reliable and grounded designs. To achieve this I reflected on my own wardrobe as well as all time favourite ‘rom-com’ outfits.

Garments include flattering silhouettes, desirable colours and prints, comfortable materials, and a dash of cheekiness. This is the recipe for clothes that bring lasting joy.

Subtle, sophisticated and spirited.

The prints in this collection were all about having a good time as a de-signer. I played with water-colours, mushroom spore prints, and fungi illustrations. The frivolous mood in which these prints were created is reflected in the colours and line details.

The retail context of David Jones influenced some of my design decisions. For example, I decided to incorporate modularity. This allows for different ages to stylise the garment to suit their taste, comfort and body type. Modularity may also enhance emotional durability. Fur-thermore, David Jones gives opportunity for Arnsdorf to expand their target audience to more youthful clients. Therefore designs are more daring to draw in younger customers and encourage them to invest in slow-fashion brands. The accessories include face-mask headscarfs, keep-cups to promote zero-waste, belt bags and a modular shopping bag. These additions are very suited to the Melbourne scene and Arnsdorf’s sustainably conscious target audience.

Timeless joy is about,

Designing to sustain joy,

And joy to ensure sustainable consumption.