Ties That Bind

Helena Buchegger

The “Ties that bind” project aims to repurpose and recycle unwanted materials. During the process of exploration menswear ties became easily accessible, through friends and family donating second hand ties. In the 17th century men’s ties were very popular and commonly worn, flash-forward to current times where ties are not as commonly worn. Through design development the Tie Jacket was designed. The Tie Jacket gave insight into the waste and un-used materials presented in the fashion industry. The patchworking method was the technique used to join each tie together.

Created by Helena Buchegger

Back view of the Tie Jacket by Helena Buchegger
Front view of Tie Jacket by Helena Buchegger
Up close detail of the patchwork on the Tie Jacket by Helena Buchegger
Inspiration image taken by @Tim Mossholder
Design development from journal showing the process of ideas by Helena Buchegger

The link to how the Tie Jacket performs.