The Power Pack

Caleigh Wallace

By Caleigh Wallace, Lucie Twyford and Madi Cheney

The Power Pack
The Power Pack Project by Caleigh, Lucie and Madi.

The Power Pack is a project seeking to address unequal access to education for youth in developing countries. Specifically, it addresses the lack of electricity, which makes it difficult to study after sundown and poses a risk of danger when walking to and from school. Our product offers a portable form of solar-powered light system that aims to address both the educational disadvantage and safety aspect of this issue. The Power Pack is a backpack, featuring a sustainably sourced solar panel made from recycled plastic bottles, following a social enterprise business model. It has a simple design that is water and impact-resistant, ergonomic, functional, and easy to repair. This project will aid young people in developing countries to get a better opportunity at sustaining their education where lack of electricity sees them at a disadvantage.