The offcut shirt

Kha Tran

‘The offcut shirt’ is made using the material waste from my previous projects. I used a deconstructed shirt I had from another course as a template to create the patchwork. I also used half of the original shirt on one side, the left pocket and the shirt yoke. I was heavily inspired the ‘cut piece’ workshop where we had to create collages using fabric offcuts. The back of the shirt is my favourite because of the floral print that contrasts against the more solid colours.

On the top left corner are my material offcuts I gathered and colour coded. On the right is a drawing of how I imagine my shirt to look like and I edited photos of my fabrics in the geometric shapes. I was also really inspired by some of the patchwork I found online.

Image Source: Loewe Spring/Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Details
by Chelsea Tran
I used a shirt that I deconstructed from another course as my template. I then looked for pieces that lined up as closely as I could to the shape and sewed one row at a time. I also overlocked the edges at the end to refine my toile.
Design Development
by Chelsea Tran
These are photos of my final outcome.
Project Outcome
by Chelsea Tran

There is a zip at the front so that the shirt can be easily slipped through the neck hole. I also hemmed around my prototype as a finishing.
by Chelsea Tran