“The Eye in my Dreams”

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Alyssa Mohamad 
Fashion Design Reuse; AT4 2020

While designing my final outcome, I had a goal, to portray a unique design that had a significant connection to myself as well as had a purpose. While designing, I considered how I could use the little scraps of denim I had around my household to create something beautiful as well as sustainable.

Throughout the process, I thought about how I could incorporate the blue of the denim, to recreate the “evil eye” and a dreamcatcher into one with the materials available to me.

Using the deep blue denim scraps I had, I used the jumbling method and patching to create the base of the eye as well as paint to give it a different shade of blue, white and texture. Followed by lace trimmings and a white tail made from random trails I had at home.

The reason i wanted to connect the “evil eye” and a dreamcatcher is due to the fact that they both have similar purposes; the evil eye is used as a form of protection from evil spirits or negative aura’s, similar a dreamcatcher is used to prevent nightmares and catch evil spirits.

Although I wasn’t able to create something in a larger scale like I had hoped, I am still proud, next time I would like to create a wooden boarder for the outcome of the eye.


The link above will show my process of making as well as a panning of the dreamcatcher as a whole.

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