The Circle

Ngo Lam Ashely Yau

41cm x 31cm
Ink, arcylic and gouache on paper, embroidery threads

The Circle is a decorative piece of artwork with layers of cut-out patterns. The artwork could serve as a purely aesthetical wall piece. At the same time, the design concept might also be developed as a functional home décor – lampshade, window shade, room divider panel; there would be play on light and shadow, and see-through. Mysterious and arcane concepts influence the aesthetic of the project. The designer drew inspiration from the ancient symbol, ‘Flower of Life’, which has meaning of Unity and Eternity. The symbol has been used as a blueprint to develop a geometric pattern. The colour choice has been suggested by the collected materials and further developed into a final palette. The paper-based materials were sourced from household waste such as cake boxes, packages, paper rolls, also including leftover textile materials from previous projects like yarns and embroidery threads. Creation was then executed through paper cutting technique, patterns layering and hand stitching.

Through The Circle, there is an underlying hope to give inspiration on sustainable do-it-yourself ideas and to promote the appreciation of handcrafted work. It calls to reduce the amount of the countless items thrown away every day through the possibility of upcycling into something with meaning and purpose. Just like the artist, once said, ‘Waste isn’t waste until we waste it.’ The Circle provides a glimpse of a possible artisan outcome by transforming easily found, simple materials into a piece of handmade textile art.

The values of craftsmanship, circular design and sustainability underpins Ashely’s work.