Kayleen Hoo

This project explores ways to repurpose unused t-shirts into something new. I used the method of crochet to transform the t-shirts into a picnic basket. A large percentage of garments which are donated ends up in landfill. This inspired me to find a way to make use of this garment and create something useful from it, rather than contributing further to textile waste. This way, I am using up existing material instead of working with new materials.

Final project outcome by Kayleen Hoo
Inspiration image by Kayleen Hoo

Cunanan, P 2017, Resurrecting Deadstock In The Name Of Sustainable Fashion, viewed 7 October 2020, <https://ecowarriorprincess.net/2017/10/resurrecting-deadstock-in-the-name-of-sustainable-fashion-2/>

Concept development by Kayleen Hoo
Detail of prototype by Kayleen Hoo
Basket carrying fruits
Final project outcome by Kayleen Hoo

Moving image by Kayleen Hoo