Strengthened by Stitches

Rebecca Willington

This piece explores the idea of designing for endurance; creating garments that withstand time physically and emotionally. Taking knowledge from sashiko – to reinforce fabric with stitches – I was inspired by the work of artists Christine Mauersberger and Linn Meyers who use repetitive lines to create largescale works. I used scraps from a deconstructed jacket, pieced together with repetitive rows of machine stitching. They follow the lines of the scraps, flattening them, securing them, creating a strong, durable textile. The time and care put into such work creates a garment that cannot be mass produced; the emotional bond between the garment and wearer will be strengthened, increasing the likelihood of extended wear.  

Image No.1: Inspiration

Left: Mauersberger, C 2012, Life Lines, linen, silk/cotton thread, hand stitched, viewed 28 September 2020, <>.

Right: Meyers, L 2015, Untitled, ink on mylar, viewed 15 October 2020, <>.

Image No.2: Stitching Process of a Sleeve
Image No.3: Garment Prototype
Image No.4: Garment Prototype
Image No.5: Lapel and Padded Detailing
Image No.6: Prototype in Motion