Sorrento 2021

Sang Thai

Sabrina Wilson

This resort wear collection was inspired by my personal experiences of growing up around the beach. The beauty of nature and the simplicity of the relaxing lifestyle is what I drew from and chose to inject into my collection. Using this I designed a simplistic but stylised collection with a mix of swimwear, casual and occasion wear pieces. I aimed to design a timeless collection of elegant pieces to empower women and make them feel beautiful. The soft monochromatic colour palate made from natural dyes was inspired by sunsets and earth, featuring a tranquil pistachio green, strawberry pink and rust. The collection features a custom stripe print, alongside different textures such as towelling, crochet and a biodegradable nylon, reflecting the textures of nature. Carefully considering the materials I chose to incorporate, I ensured they are all ethically produced or sourced. As sustainability and landfill is becoming a larger issue in today’s society, I also wanted to consider this in regards to the collection through the materials used, such as recycled plastics which often come from the ocean.

The target audience is slightly younger than Arnsdorf’s usual range,
however there is a balance of sexy styles and sophisticated classics
which can still appeal to older customers.