Single-use garment

Zhixi Li

To greatly establish the concept of using single use materials we’ve conceptualised illustrations through the photographs displaying the fashion pieces. With the approach of recycling and being considerate towards the environment to reflect this, the photographer use a suitable filter to help bring out the colours in the environment location we were in. The Choice of location, it additionally benefited our concept of being environmental as for being in ‘nature’. Each photographs exhibits the overall look of the clothing pieces including the accessories up close it detail which therefore displays to the viewers how it has been styled. With the close up photographs it additionally illustrates every detail that has been taken to create this piece of work, further elucidating stories behind each materials.


The paper sculpture inspires me that “everything can create fashion”. Using the paper that bears the words to create fashion is very novel. In my opinion, it not only pays homage to what the author is trying to say, but it also supports the concept of environmental protection. Inspired by this, I wanted to make a fashion plastic product that also spoke to the environment.

My design development

On the left side is the methods which how to use plastic to create this fabric. Also, it shows the difference between the front and the back of the fabrics. On the right side will be my design for the final outcome. My garment is single-use garment, so I want my design to be more funny.

Prototype outcome
Model: Zhixi Li
Photographer: Cellina Peng

Combining my garment and the nature, it appeals to people to love nature, because plastic is harmful for the environment. It also implies that people waste plastic bags because the plastic bags they waste are enough for people to wear different design on the plastic fabric every day.

Detail of prototype

The detail of the prototype is the top of the skirt which have some “dark flowers” as decoration. These flowers imply that the plastics are seriously harming nature and they are causing flowers to wilt and wither. Therefore, this shoot is focus on the “dark flowers”

Moving image

On this moving image, it should be clear to notice that people wear this garment can move freely which like the normal garments. There is a sleeveless top and a short skirt, so that this set of garments will not restrict people’s movement.