Resurrecting What Was Once Not

Amelia Darby

‘Resurrecting What Was Once Not’ was an idea that stemmed from the idea of bringing life back to something that may be considered waste. Through unfolding my research and previous outcomes compiled the idea of patchwork and/or deconstructing and manipulating objects to be configured into something with a new purpose. Collaging activities were something that became most beneficial in developing what my brief is, through the use of layering and manoeuvring the resources around me to create 3dimensional garment. I chose to work with an old Ikea bag that was going to be put in the bin and worked through creating this design by manipulating the original purpose of what it once was… Deconstructing its figure and considering how each element can be used to the greatest advantage to ‘Resurrect What Was Once Not’ and bring purpose back to it.  My decision to use those locations where the images were taken was based on the idea that, through copious amounts of waste being thrown into the environment, it is causing detrimental affects, so by including the two thoughts together of repurposing waste and showing how this can be beneficial to what surrounds us. 

‘Resurrecting What Was Once Not’