Restoring the values in my garden

Laura Feng

Inspired by the word re-value, I have approached my design concepts with an aspiration to restore the unwanted and unused materials. In doing so, I aimed for ‘the secret garden’ theme, using seed beads, embroidery floss and most importantly, remnants of both fabric and plant matter.

Each swatch has a unique element and this is resulted from the differing colour palettes and methods used on them, such as, flower pounding, scrap embellishments and embroidery. Interestingly though, what brings the swatches together is not only the use of floral embellishment, but the repetitive use of an embroidery technique throughout each swatch.

Detail of Prototype Image
Inspiration/ Concept Image
Figure: Pink Stitches by Lydia Fairy, Jan 31 2009, Viewed 29 Sep 2020, Available on <
Design Development Image
Prototype Outcome Image 1
Prototype Outcome Image 2

Song used in Video: Beauty And The Beast Theme Piano by Airam27, Dec 17 2013, Viewed Nov 6 2020, Available on <>