Mirayan McElroy Lakosta

This project provided a unique opportunity to explore an area of our own interest. The Repeat Exploration explores traditional textile design repeat making methods and digital software approaches to create a body of work that pays homage to the humble textile pattern repeat.

Finding myself stuck at home I have had difficulty staying inspired during remote online learning while in Covid 19 lock down; it has highlighted gaps in my textile design knowledge that I would usually find answers to in the classroom environment. It has also brought to my attention the significance of digital design in the future workforce with digital communication becoming essential. 

I used this project as an opportunity to find inspiration in my own surroundings, to expand my knowledge of textile repeats and expand upon digital design skills for the future digital workplace.

During the design process I focused on finding inspiration from things in and around my home, in particular a giant lemon tree outside one of my windows. Using the lemon as my motif direction I created full drop, half drop and brick repeat tiles using tracing paper, pencil, hand drawn grids and illustration. I then recreated these digitally and further developed the illustrations and repeats.

 This project focused on the progression of a textile repeat and experimentation necessary to create a successful pattern.