Reimagining the unused

Hanako Muller

This piece was born out of the exploration of the functionality, emotional sentiment and aesthetics of op-shopped lace doilies that are often never re-homed due to their perceived ‘outdated’ nature. 

Using methods of deconstruction and reconstruction I experimented with varying seaming techniques and potential end uses.

With a strong focus on reintroducing the doilies back into circulation, I aimed to create a piece that would provide an individual with both functionality and sentimental appeal – something that would physically and aesthetically last. 

I combined the doilies with dead-stock scrap linen to increase the strength and took inspiration from both Japanese Sashiko stitching and the techniques of ‘cut piece’ seaming, to form a garment that has the potential to be worn alone and layered.

Image #2: Original project direction inspiration.
Image #4: Design detailing.