Redesign and reconstruct a shirt.

Hanchen Zhou

Project statement

The idea explored by going to the charity store and talked to their manager, shirt is the big problem for them, they have been donated in a big amount, close fitting which ends up as a bad quality cloth and hard to be recycled and donate out. Therefore, the only thing they can do is to deconstruct the shirt and send to the recycled factories or throw away which depends on the quality.

Which brings me an idea to deconstruct and reconstruct it for changing the format of the shirt. I changed the prototype from a shirt into a coat.

the prototype outcome.
Final prototype – Still images. Shooting with the natural light. Standing on the ground to show the cloth from different positions. By using the light and the shadows, created the layers and the contrast for the image. The color is showing the contrast with the white outcome. Also applied the rules of third, to create the concentrate space onto the outcome. As the first picture, i choose this image for display as the first page to show my outcome first.
Inspiration sketch.
Inspiration/Concept image. Two different ways of sketches showing frond and back view. Showing my design inspiration. This design sketch is after the making one cut concept also after sourced the garments.
Design Development
Design Development – An entire design journal page. This journal page is showing my concept or ways that I listed at the beginning before my designs, also have included the process of making the one cut which learnt from the last assignment. Source the fabrics which going to be used.
Final prototype
Final prototype. – Still images. Shooting from different angles with same background-hanged up my table cloth. The color of the background is showing as the negative space, also created the contrast between the outcome. By using the lights and shadow, created the focus point for the cloth. Also shown the feature of my designs.
Detail Final Protyope
Detail Final Prototype – Shooting through the mirror to created layers, and the leading lines with the focus point. To show the details of my outcome. By working with my outcome prototype, I collage the images in the same ways, also shown in the different angles of the body.
Moving image – Video of moving include images and slow motion. For showing better the feature of how the outcome moves with the body and the feature of outcomes, I have combined images and slow motion which shoot when the outcome is in the movement.