Disney: Cruella x Quyen Nguyen

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Envisioning myself in Estella’s personality, I chose explore the non-conforming notions of punk, with the classless nature of deconstructed fashion. Inspired by a selection of punk and Japanese inspiration, I chose to deliberately tamper with and destroy my materials to create irregularities and challenge gender fluid, rebel spirited design. Responding to Cruella’s treatment of animals, my designs feature heavy distressing, hardware, agitprop and various forms of patchwork to reflect the unique act of the hand, and hybridize a world between traditional high fashion and streetwear culture.

Drawn from the raw nature of the 19th to early 20th century Japanese boro traditions, and the philosophical natures of sabi— meaning irregularity and imperfection— and mottainai— which is conveying a sense of regret concerning waste—, I wanted to depict how society has the ability to confine individuality. Not only is Maniacal Memories my own personal anecdote and journey from conformity to freedom and creativity, but it is also the rise of Estella’s confidence; her difference, and her personal reaction to perfectionism as she combines found scraps of fabric to rebirth new spirit. In both film and fashion industry, I feel that it is more than acceptable to oppose mainstream culture and to conform to your own values and choices.

“Poison them, drown them, bash them on the head!” — Cruella de Vil