Visakha Blanch

Protect is a project dedicated to protecting our environment through the reuse of garments and discarded wastes that we use to protect our bodies, online orders and food. By reusing materials that previously had a purpose of protecting our bodies and shopping we can start protecting our environment. This specific piece incorporates the use of packaging wastes such as bubble wrap, mailers, shopping bags and a discarded deconstructed jacket. Redesigned into an oversized coat this jacket embodies and projects this concept of Protecting, with inspiration drawn from Virgil Abloh’s signature technique of adding words/phrases to make a statement. This jacket is a trendy bold statement that promotes up-cycling.  

Image No.1 Inspiration

Left: @wastedla

Right: @off___white

Image No.2 Construction of Jacket
Image No.3 Detail of pockets
Image No. 4 Garment Prototype
Image No.5 Garment Prototype

Image No.6 Prototype in motion