Proposed Project: Fashion For What

Xiaohua Ou

Team Members: Harrison Wallace, Xiaohua Ou (Eva) & Xinyue Zhang (Andrea)

Currently within the fashion system as consumers become more aware of their environmental and ethical footprints, there remains problems in the lack of communication between consumers and fashion brands. 

These problems relate to the brands transparency, including their supply chains and manufacturing processes and the lack of communication between fashion brands and consumers. These lead to the deficient motivation towards the sustainability goals for both brands and consumers.

To create a solution for this problem, a website, “Fashion for What”, would act as an avenue for fashion brands and consumers to connect and discuss their motivations, goals, and the problems within the fashion system. Additionally to the website, a campaign using the hashtag “#Fashion4What?” would be used to question brands, consumers and other stakeholders alike about the fashion system and their needs. The main pillars of the website are the measurement and ratings of the transparency according to brands’ sustainable practices and providing opportunities for stakeholders to have open dialogue around the problems in order to increase accountability for both parties through livestream, forum and event sections. 

Fashion For What home page. 
By Harrison Wallace, Xiaohua Ou (Eva) and Xinyue Zhang (Andrea)
Fashion For What home page by Harrison Wallace, Xiaohua Ou (Eva) and Xinyue Zhang (Andrea)