Post-Training Coordinates

Renatta Gabriel Colarte Premolo

For this project, I will be making a garment that mixes sports and street style by using the practical features of the sportswear combined with the stylish aesthetic of urban streetwear. In order to achieve this, I will be using recycled materials sourced from my own household. My garment is a post-training coordinate set, using towel as the main fabric and the details will be adapted from an existing t-shirt from the brand Champion. As we use towels to dry our bodies, I believe that it is a suitable material to use for after training. To complete this task, I will be joining these materials with a patchwork technique.

I got my inspiration from the designer Paolina Russo and a brand called Frankie Collective. Both use upcycling techniques.
Front, side and back
At the tennis court
Moving Image