Polyphony – The Sustainable Design Guide

Rachel Shugg

Group 1 – Alexander Beattie, Entasha Sim and Rachel Shugg

Designed to reduce waste within the production process, Polyphony’s Sustainable Design Guide combines technology and science with traditional craftsmanship to create an alternative approach to fashion/material production by proposing distinct, waste-reducing alternative steps to implement. It is an interdisciplinary, research-led proposed system of design and production that addresses different stages of design and manufacture processes within the fashion industry. The purpose of this hypothetical system of design is to encourage critical thinking of existing fashion production stages, and to educate and encourage designers/businesses to think laterally about different, more sustainable methods of production and waste reduction, and innovate breakthroughs in science and technology. We propose to present this interdisciplinary project as just that – an evolving research project backed by RMIT, the Centre of Sustainable Fashion (CSF) and Universal of Arts London (UAL) run by three academic researchers (us) with separate fields of expertise, with the intention of coming together to create an innovative approach to sustainable design. Our website is the primary means through which we communicate our design developments and research.

The Sustainable Design Guide diagram
Diagram created by Alexander Beattie, Entasha Sim and Rachel Shugg and surrounding images are from the Squarespace Website and the CLO 3D Fashion Design Software website