Ruth Hazell

Emily Smith, Ruth Hazell, Sarah Agius, Scott Pennykid


A common problem discovered in our group research was the lack of brand transparency in the fashion industry resulting in uninformed consumer buying decisions. Our solution to this problem is to develop an easy to use web extension that will bring ethical research to online buying. This will minimise the need for conscious buyers to do their own research before purchasing. The web extension will calculate how ethical and sustainable the items within a consumer’s shopping cart are based on water usage, pollution, brand inclusivity amongst minority groups, waste, ethical labour standards to name a few. At checkout, the extension will automatically pop up with relevant information educating the consumer of the ethical and sustainable factors of their shopping basket prior to purchasing. Our goal is to facilitate brand transparency globally in order to ensure the accuracy of information shared with consumers, so they can make informed sustainable decisions whilst online shopping. 

Mock up of POD web extension
POD by Emily Smith, Ruth Hazell, Sarah Agius and Scott Pennykid

Image references: All images used to make mock up are from target.com.au