Play with Denim Apron!

Mingxin Qu

Jeans, are one of the most popular garments which we wore in our daily life. However, how much do you know about jeans?

The environmental impact of jeans is high. In every stage of the production there us quite a heavy environmental burden. In cotton production large amounts of water, fertilizers and pesticides are used. The amount of water for irrigation can be as high as 25.000 liter per kg of cotton produced.

Anton Luiken & Saxion Hogescholen / Alcon Advies

I did some research of the making process of jeans and the huge amount of water usage really shocked me. However, the purchase of new jeans is reasonable for it may be not fitted or broken, or maybe because we loose our interest. Thus, what should we do to prolong the life of our jeans is one of the considered methods to reduce the fabric waste.

I searched some methods of reusing the jeans from Pinterest and I found out it was interesting to apply the pockets on jeans as a new bag. The focus point of my design is function and portable, so I decided to make the final garment as an apron with several pockets.


Firstly I did some collages to combine and re-place the different parts and elements form jeans and other garment. I found the flat plain surface and the seam is very special for jeans. Thus, I want to use these two features in my final outlook.

I deconstructed my jeans and separate the elements of my jeans. I changed the back of the jeans to the front of upper part, and I change the belt to the string that used for tiding the apron. The lower part is made by the combination of several pieces and the pocket at front originally turn to be separately.


Overall the final effect is pretty satisfied. The shape and the practical level is exactly what I want. The shortage is that the fabric I can get is limited, so the lower part seems too simple. I use the sewing machine to do the seam rapidly and it makes the garment more interesting.

It I shard for me to photoed myself, so I invited my friend. She was shy and have no experience with modeling. Though the final shoot is not that perfect, I am still thankful to my model.

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