‘Perspective Waste’

Adikarange Nathalie Liana K. Jayawardene

This bag is created around the idea of looking at things from a new perspective and incorporates different waste materials, reused to make something that has a new context and narrative, designed with a purpose and a meaning behind it. I aimed to take considered steps on how each design feature was represented including the process of production as well the aesthetic creation. The vibrant bag is curated with fabric waste which I dyed yellow with turmeric, along with scraps of fabric & threads which are sandwiched in between bubble wrap. Waste is a result of an objective viewpoint; thus this creation is created from a new point of view.

Image 1 : Inspiration
1 Young, E 2020 , Waste Image, Pinterest, viewed October 28 2020, <https://wtvox.com/fashion/fashion-waste/>
2 Repurposed Waste Bag, n.d. photograph, viewed 28 October 2020,<https://andagainco.com/products/scrap-vinyl-bomber> 
3 And Again Waste Hat, Instagram @andagain
Image 2 : Bag Creation process
Image 3 : Bag Prototype
The Eye and the typography “LOOK” suggests the concept of perspective

Image 4 : Bag Prototype
Image 5 : Detail of Prototype
The inside lining is made from a reused garbage bag and the strap has a nice raw edge.