Pant of Six; developing a patchwork using various swatch techniques.

Shae Guttler

In sourcing six pairs of Jeans, I analysed the psychology behind the motivation in discarding clothing, questioning those who owned them. I investigated a range of joining and mending techniques to reuse, refashion and combine the pants. Developing a prototype to utilise jeans, which use many resources, time and energy in manufacturing. The principles of Boro, Embroidery, Patchwork, Visible Mending and repositioning of pant signifiers, are not only subject to pants, as the development can be used in creating textiles. Further, the outcome can also be changed over time to grow and move with the style of the individual.

Prototype outcome, layering of pant signifiers and swatches to develop a resolved jean collage, Shae Guttler. Photograph by Renee Boyd.
Prototype detail showcasing the joining techniques and displacement of jean signifiers, Shae Guttler.
Prototype outcome highlighting the flow of patches from front to back, Shae Guttler. Photograph by Renee Boyd.
Inspiration collage; an indicator of techniques and overall intentions for the final outcome, Shae Guttler.
Design development, journal page of swatch outcomes and how they are intended to be used in the final prototype, Shae Guttler.