Aye Myat Khine .

Growing up, cartoons played a big part in my life, the bold explosion of colours and the cheerful characters always brought me joy even when i was feeling down. My love for colours and prints drew me to Kitsch and harajuku fashion as i grew older .Throughout this project , i used fabric from old clothes that i no longer wear but have kept for the memories in them. Some of these clothes even go back to when i was in elementary school , and in a way ,the inner child in me longs desperately to be excited about the world once again, unfazed by the obstacles life throws at me. That was what i wanted to feel like wearing these clothes. I wanted these clothes to be my pacifier, something that calms my inner child from the turmoils of the real world and adulthood.

A girl stands in front of a toilet mirror, painting colourful shapes on her face. Despite the explosion of colour on her face and outfit, her expression is dull and mundane. Her outfit almost makes up for the lack of life in her face.
A girl is hunched over the television watching a cartoon. Upon a closer look, she is holding a beer can in her left hand, hence we can infer she is an adult, reminiscing her childhood.
Inspiration image/moodboard.