Bubble wrap on coat hangers

On the Practical Reuse of Waste

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People are selfish. It’s biologically programmed into our genes. We keep things that are useful ­and discard things that are not – be it tangible items or even relationships.

There is no need to make new things. What we really need is to make useful things, and to make it from waste.

To address this goal within the fashion context, I created a series of useful items from bubble wrap and PVC pipe. My items are designed to elevate waste for its utilitarian beauty and include a folding chair, an automated fan and a collapsible basket as upgrades for pre-existing clothing.

Chair can be used with the shirt on or off the body.
Prototype image 1 (shirt with folding chair)
The fan is animated by the natural movement of the arm during walking.
Prototype image 2 (shirt with automated fan)
The picture demonstrates the poetic beauty of bubble wrap and PVC pipes.
Inspiration image (bubble wrap on coat hangers)
Inside view of the pattern for the collapsible bucket.
Detail image (construction of a collapsible basket)
Rough sketches showing the plans for the bucket construction.
Design development (detailed plans for the basket)
Final outcome (shirt with automated fan, collapsible basket, folding chair)

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