Maria Uribe Ireta

This prototype was influenced by Jacques Derrida’s philosophy of deconstruction. From Derrida’s theory I have interpreted that deconstruction is nothing, but your own personal ideas towards the thing in question. We live in a world full of signifiers, where a signifier (word/sound) subsequently signifies something unique to each one of us.

In fashion, deconstruction is everywhere, as you the designer/wearer/audience choose what it means to you and create your own story. Many great designers such as Kawakubo, Yamamoto and Margiela have all explored their unique deconstruction techniques to fashion, revaluating the traditions of this industry.

To me fashion is not fixating on a certain time or thing but changing as I progress with my life, and is my visual journal to represent me. Using an old sweater and old yarn I have made a piece that can be interchangeable to how I may feel like wearing depending on how I interpret ‘wear’ that day, not fixated on one notion of wearing it.