My Fashion Footprint

Talani Newton

Julia Mondy, Yujing Guo & Talani Newton

How might we create a platform to improve transparency between the maker and the wearer so that wearers can make informed garment purchase decisions? Following SDG 10 & 12 regarding reducing inequality and ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns we have designed a social platform that directly provides quick and accessible information and rewards for consumers. Through our research we have established consumers are unaware of the manufacturing conditions, which include unfair wages and have problematic working conditions.  

More than ever, consumers have a growing interest in business transparency regarding where their garments are made and the fair treatment of those who produce their clothing. ‘My Fashion Footprint’ is an online application that allows consumers to scan the tag of registered brands to clarify where the garment was made and by whom. It provides a rating system based on standardized sustainable practice in collaboration with Ethical Clothing Australia. In addition, consumers are rewarded for supporting sustainable brands through a point system. The consumer receives incentives for their purchase and is used in a means to promote sustainable companies to sign up. The aim of this platform is to educate consumers by providing transparency and creating a relationship between the maker and the wearer to change their behaviors. 

Three selected pages from our online application called My Fashion Footprint.
Credit to Talani Newton, Julia Mondy & Yujing Guo
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