Modular T-Shirt Prototype.

Matthew Pyrke

By Matthew Pyrke

My concept is based around modular fashion. The idea is to be able to change the panel at the back to add your own artwork. The goal is is avoid throwing out the t-shirt by changing the panel when your tastes change. 

Adding mixed media artwork to the design lets you get personally involved and increases the emotional longevity of the garment. 

My prototype is constructed from an old t-shirt and fabric from an op-shop. My joining techniques for the interlocking section were stud buttons and eyelets. 

Inspiration image

Interlocking Pieces by Zoe Romano of La Scuola Open Source. Mixed Media image by Elizabeth Angus, on

Design Development, from sketches to final outcome.

All images photographed by Matthew Pyrke.

Finished Protoype

Images of my prototype. Back view on the left, and close up on the right.

Close Up of Interlocking Joining Technique

This images shows a close up the interlocking pieces of the inserted artwork.

Movie Of The Garment On A Dress Form