Make Good

Zoe Sutherland

Anna Paolini, Zoe Sutherland, Daria Grodtmann
Make Good website 'browse project' page
Make Good website ‘browse project’ page, by Anna, Zoe & Daria, 2020.

Make Good is an online service that provides DIY tutorials and workshops for designing and creating/crafting using old clothing. Finished projects can be shared on the inbuilt forum and on social media with our hashtag #makegoodproject to build a sense of community among users. The service is intended for people wanting to recycle their old clothing to help combat climate change and throw away culture, people interested in learning new tactile skills, and people looking for a way to keep busy in times of environmental and social stress. We will finance the project by (1) displaying ads on our DIY videos which will also be available on YouTube to ensure a bigger reach, (2) collaborating with fashion labels and designers in a symbiotic relationship where we provide them with a stage to show that they do good while they support us in creating awareness, and (3) through influencer marketing on other social media platforms.