Lisa’s Cruella

Lisa Nguyen

In an era characterized by poor economic growth, underground D.I.Y punk activities developed into a language of resistance in the form of wearable fashion. Punk fashion is affiliated with the concept of resourcefulness and tends to include accessible and affordable materials to recreate the distinct visual style. In this ‘Impermanence’ collection, Cruella’s social climate background is expounded through the resourcefulness of the designs including the replacement of iconic embellishments such as studs and safety pins with bungle beads and bent pins to mimic the punk aesthetic when studs and safety pins are not easily accessible in current conditions. Her characteristics and acts of resilience and defiance are furthered through the unnatural, artifice, and exaggerated silhouette of the garments that contribute to the dramatic and sometimes elegant, high-class flair of an evil boss lady. The collection captures the London punk aesthetic with a unique combination of D.I.Y punk rock, unisex elements, and ostentatious boss woman vibes that perfectly defines Cruella’s personality.