Limin Zhang Reuse Project

Limin Zhang


I choose the topic, “discover trash as an aesthetic object”, and expend the ideas using brainstorm, find some reuse and artistic images for a start of my inspiration, creates a atmosphere for myself. —- Limin Zhang

I make a drawing based on the “Black bra” on a page of the Elle Magazine, this drawing gives me a really deep ideas. I collect some fabrics, cut them into straps and make drapes on the mannequin based on the collage. —- Limin Zhang
outcome on mannequin
This outcome is made by unpick T-shirt, scrape fabrics and panties. I made the design by draping, and sew on the mannequin, adding the lace panties wherever it suits, that’s how i done this beautiful design. —- Limin Zhang
outcome on my body
This is how it looks like when I wear it, I think I am the same size as the mannequin, that’s why it fits well. —– Limin Zhang
detailed images
Those are the detailed pictures of my design. I have create a free, lose style with no edges editing. and I think the panties can be a surprise point design for attract people come to see, and it actually well fit with the whole style, the whole looking. —- Limin Zhang