Ladelle Rain Coat Pocket Swatch Sorting

Felicia Tiktikakis

“I want to create a garment that allows waste to go somewhere else into designing aspect, allowing people to express their own style through collecting, noticing and sorting their sources into the rain coat themselves making it forever lasting. The unique raincoat is 100% recycled from the plastic table cloth to food wrappers and even the thread, all collected from wastage. The idea behind the garment was to bring stocktaking to everyday life allowing changeable designs by the materials people gather. Contrasting the yellow and white threads with feather stitching giving emphasis on the post, pre and unconventional sources.”— Felicia Tiktikais

Final outcome
Right side of rain coat
Left side of rain coat
Inspiration from Emily Adamas Bode, Grandmothers tablecloth cover, swatch jackets and my own development sketches
Laminating materials
Detail of logo swatch in pocket sleeve