Jennifer’s Cruella

Jennifer Shevlin

by Jennifer Shevlin s3720853

My designs are heavily influenced by Vivienne Westwood for her use of activism through her punk fashion. My take on the punk movement is rebelling against societal norms and standing up for what you believe in. The Concept of graffiti embodies this view, to which the purpose is to illustrate a narrative through imagery and wording. This is a form of an artistic expression to some, and destructive vandalism for others. Imagining myself as Cruella, who was deprived of wealth and fortune, she had to resort to her resourcefulness. My goal is to reduce my carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same by using pre-existing garments and fabric scraps which would otherwise be discarded.

My designs are based off traditional male clothing, making them gender neutral and as Cruella is surrounded by men (e.g. Horace and Jasper), the clothing is more readily available to her. I named each design after its original owner and you can see the storyline of each design next to the illustrations. In both designs I use my inspiration of graffiti to send a message of equality and acceptance of people of different sexuality, colour, age and mindset in the best way I knew possible while respecting everyone’s beliefs and boundaries.

I continued with the Horace design incorporating upcycling and recycling techniques, using varies material sourced from elderly in my community, leftover fabric and a “Lowes” tailored jacket in a poor condition. As a result the garment and materials used are transform and re-born into a distinctive and unique design which avoids the unnecessary wastage by using new materials.

Phootshoot of Final Design

The concept behind the photoshoot revolves around Cruella walking her dog surrounded by the environment of which the inspiration of the design originated from. Cruella has been seen with her hair in a messy bun, dark smoky cat eyeshadow, sporting the wrap around jacket complimented by the big red earrings, stripped puffy pencil skirt, fishnet stockings, men’s worker socks, black mini heel boot and her favourite accessory -wink the dog.
Detailed Photos
These are detailed photos of the outfit, which include a photo that displays the cleaned up inside of the jacket wrap, using red and black bias binging to make it visually pleasing and comfortable against the skin.