Jack’s (Assignment 4 Reuse) Exhibition Piece.

Jack Roberts

Project Description: For this project, I wanted to take an existing item of clothing I had and transform it into something new, something exciting, something unique and something that is completely different to what it originally was, whilst maintaining the main signifiers of the original item. I believe that the piece I created meets this criteria. As I have produced a garment that has used 100% of the original material with no waste, whilst still offering something totally different, to highlight the power of reuse/repurposing and how anyone can do it with anything they have available to them!

Vintage style poster that I designed to showcase the piece. The name ‘ORTHODUCTION SHORTS’ comes from the words ‘Unorthodox’ and ‘Construction’. I chose to mix these two words together to create my piece name because these shorts are a unique/ unorthodox version of traditional construction/workwear pants.
Detailed Prototype Image. Showcasing the front (main) view of the prototype outcome.
Joining Technique Inspiration Image. Photo credit: (Craig Green) Image credit: https://meappropriatestyle.com/2016/01/15/high-wattage-spotlight-focus-on-london-collections-men-lc-m-for-autumn-2016/lcm-lace-up-craig-green-voguecom-_arc0361/
Refined Planning/Conceptualisation sketches of my outcome + Annotations.
Early Developmental image. Showcases the three sets of different pieces that went into making the final outcome.
Short video showcasing the movement of the piece on the body.