Isabelle Everson-Blacklock: Modular Design

Isabelle Everson Blacklock

Result of the photoshoot of my design prototype outcome.

I explored modular design and joining methods through working with old cotton T-shirts. I was able to develop a modular garment which can be worn in numerous ways and can be modified through the use of ties. I captured the ‘essence’ of the T-shirt and represented the history and meaning behind the T-shirt through my design, by portraying some of the signifiers of the T-shirt. I was able to learn how to create a modular design through experimentation and research. Modular design interests me because it adds emotional durability and value to the garment and lengthens the life of the garment. I have decided to present my final prototype in the form of a look-book style image which displays some of the ways in which the versatile garment can be worn.

This is my mood board/ inspiration image which is made up of arm and images which have inspired my design concepts. This is the energy and mood I would like to portray through my work.

Design development sketches which helped me create my prototype. The modular design concept is represented in these sketches.

My prototype outcome on the dress form (before the photo-shoot).

Details of my prototype outcome.