How U Bin

Mia Terzo

By Alicia Grasso, Louise Hung, Mia Terzo

‘How U Bin’ is a new service addition and business proposition to existing municipal recycling services that provides Australian households with an alternative and more effective means of disposing textile and clothing waste all year round. The Textile Recycling Bins collect old textile products such as clothing, bedsheets and towels. As households dispose of their textiles, they are then weighed and recorded each time the bins are collected. Waste data is fed into the ‘How U Bin’ waste tracker application, allowing households to review their monthly and annual waste contribution. This project aims to motivate more controlled consumption and disposal habits across Australia, through the provision of in-depth statistical information and education surrounding household clothing waste. 

Image outlines the basic layout and functions of the How U Bin waste tracker Application. Showing the sign up stages of how each Bin is registered.
‘How U Bin’, Mia Terzo, Alicia Grasso, Louise Hung