Homeless Project by Yi Zhou/Ruolan Lin/Elena Vasilopoulos

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Homeless Project
By: Yi Zhou/Ruolan Lin/Elena Vasilopoulos
Homeless Project by Yi Zhou/Ruolan Lin/Elena Vasilopoulos
At 3RE we provide sustainable garments to women and children who have become homeless as a result of domestic violence. We work closely with Zara and Cotton On to refresh clothing donated to us through our Donation Bins programs. We pride ourselves on providing newly repurposed and reinvented clothing that is hoped to ensure those in need feel dignified and confident while wearing them.
We distribute one of three packs to homeless women, “Basics for Women”, “Mother and Children” and “Job starter for Women”. We also have created monthly drops of t-shirts that have been considerably constructed and designed by using excess fabric straps. Depending on the quality of the fabric and design, the prices range from $20-$30. This concept allows for us to generate sales through the public’s support, alongside general donations, allowing our business to continue to function and reach those in need.
Through our physical billboard campaigning, we also call for people to pay more attention to domestic violence against women. Our posters can be found amongst the city to attract attention and feature on our various social media platforms.

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