By Holly Stewart

Holly Stewart

Sandy Serenity

A colourful and joyful interpretation of my landscape environment.
Medium: Acrylic, impasto and posca on canvas
Dimensions: 61.0cmx152.4cm
Mount: Timber Fram.

The series ‘Sandy Serenity’ focuses on capturing unexpected texture, nostalgic smells, sounds and location connected through my past memories. Throughout the design process I concentrated on finding inspiration from all of these senses along my local running track, which goes from my house to, and along the beach. This track has been especially busy of late during lockdown, with many more of the community taking time to exercise and enjoy the serenity and calming effects of the ocean and surrounds. I took up close photographs of items along the beach and trails finding these unexpected textures and organic patterns, which I hadn’t noticed before. Looking back at these photos also reminded me of Terrazzo-a historical up-cycling practice using offcuts of metals and plastics to create flooring. 

Progress shot
Colour play and medium exploration

Works on paper form part of the fundamental underpinnings of this project and are comprised of the exploration of mix media. A series of observational and abstract colourful works, explore contrasting tactile textures, inspired by items found along the beach. Colour relationships are pastel and tonal with splashes of bright complementaries. The combination of detailed watercolours, painterly techniques and organic shapes of up close objects, are complimented by a large scale landscape that tie them all together. This artwork is to be hung on a wall, aiming to  spark a sense of joy and happiness to the viewer, bringing the serenity and calming nature of the beach to their home, especially during these unexpected times of the pandemic.