Caterina Pelle

Ana Karabotic Milovac, Lucy Olver and Caterina Pelle

HerCollaborate is a non-for-profit social enterprise that advocates and promotes awareness for sexual assault survivors through fashion design. A significant concern in the discourse surrounding sexual violence is that of victim blaming and how fashion is engineered to be socially understood as the cause of assault. In response to this, HerCollaborate has developed a platform that enables women to reclaim a sense of control and power with fashion as the medium. HerCollaborate is a collaborative workshop series that offers a range of different strategies allowing participants to interact with fashion in a way that translates to them as an individual. Through this partnership, HerCollaborate aims to provide a voice for women who have been previously silenced by the fashion industry.

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Ana Karabotic Milovac, Lucy Olver and Caterina Pelle