Her Daily Dose

H'raani Pilbeam

Lilli Mckenzie, Emily Quach, H’Raani Pilbeam

Whether it is because of their clothes, shoes or hair, women are undeniably more publicly scrutinised than men – and it’s a problem that affects women in all walks of life. Research indicates that clothing itself has the ability to alter the wearers self esteem and confidence. Women are in need of positive reinforcement and there is a lack of community engagement and knowledge specifically around the power of dress.
In response to this problem we have created a safe digital platform that aims to allow women to reclaim their own sense of style and femininity. Consisting of a blog and a conjoining Instagram page, titled ‘ Her Daily Dose: Empowering stories for empowered women ’ intends to engage all women and to encourage the start of an open dialogue of personal experiences surrounding femininity, empowerment and more.
The blog will primarily ‘host’ this information, allowing for the content to be shared through Instagram in order to generate engagement and exposure through hashtags and story sharing.

Instagram Screenshot of Her Daily Dose By Lilli, Emily and H'Raani
Her Daily Dose Instagram layout, By Lilli, Emily and H’Raani