Garden Pigments

Sang Thai

Lakkari Kim

The Arnsdorf capsule collection, Garden Pigments Resort 2021, is inspired by the wild flowers and plants of Australia. The signature print has been achieved through eco printing, using native Australian plant matter such as Eucalyptus, Gumtree and Bottlebrush leaves. Featuring a wetsuit, bikini, statement maxi dress and casual tailoring, the collection has been designed to be transferred between holiday and everyday life. Classic cuts and neutral colours create staple pieces that can be mixed, layered and carried through different seasons to reduce the level of consumption. The wetsuit features removable legs to allow the wearer to wear the wetsuit through both hot and cold seasons.

The Arnsdorf woman is aged in her 30’s-50’s and is based in Melbourne. She is a working professional, in the corporate or creative industries and has a medium-high disposable income. She is socially and environmentally aware and loves purchasing Arnsdorf garments as the brand’s vision aligns with her beliefs. Garden Pigments has been designed with the current Arnsdorf customer in mind and with the potential to expand the Arnsdorf’s clientele to coastal regions of Australia. The tailored garments are a smart casual take on workwear, to fit perfectly into the current client’s wardrobe, and to be dressed down for potential new customers in coastal regions. The bikini and wetsuit are key items to broaden the Arnsdorf clientele. The natural, signature print and removable legs on the wetsuit are features that differentiate Arnsdorf from its competitors. The garments have been priced to align with the current Arnsdorf prices, with both higher and lower price points throughout the collection to cover a variety of different customers’ budgets.