FOIL WEAVE DRESS – Madeline Gilkes

Madeline Gilkes

My design idea stems from my love for weaving absurd materials together to create classic looks. My method of operation to execute this involves weaving to a particular form with the absurd product of aluminum plastic packaging cut in strips; interlocked to shape the body. This allows the structure and material to be the main features of the glam look. The inspiration of my design was developed from the first assignment in finding a glossary word that embodies a re-use practice. I was particularly drawn to the words ‘Save’ and ‘Salvage’ meaning the service rendered by a person or organisation who help save and revalue clothing by maximising fabric.

The word “Save” in the fashion industry is used as a marketing technique in todays modern society to produce and sell clothing at a fast pace. My aim for the Foil Weave is to alter this definition to create high fashion in a slow motion by exploring the materials around us.

Prototype of Foil Weave Dress Outcome – Back View
– Modelling by Mikaela Sims
– Photography by @Jrose_art_and_photography
Journal Excerpt – Design ideas for chosen material: bubble wrap and plastic foil blend packaging

Developmental weaving process of interlocking foil strips on the form

Moving shot of Foil Weave Dress on the body